Wednesday, July 15, 2009

preparing to leave

I've changed my travel plans once again, which I very strongly suspect shall be my last major tweak. Fortunately I have an "H" Class fare that accepts doctor's notes as a reason to refund the change fee (in theory, anyways). I unwrapped my pre-trip disquietude and gave it as rational a voice as I could with the help of those close to me. A significant change was releasing a brief visit with one of my most cherished friends in London. My head and heart had said, "Yes!" when I'd first booked the 36-hour layover. And yet the scratchy filter of my health limitations began to grate. I listened, I spoke with all of those involved, I sought agreement.... and only then made the changes. My dear friend Eva in London understands and forgives me. I hope that she's smiling if she reads this.

I will arrive three days earlier in Roswell, Georgia. Susan is graciously picking me up at Atlanta Airport at 11:30 pm. I really did offer to take the shuttle! By the time we hit the hay perhaps two hours later, I will have been up for 24 hours. This is a remote part of the world and it takes many many steps to leave here and make my way to the American South. We'll leave the bothies by car at 7:15 am to arrive in time for the 8:29 am Aviemore train. It arrives at Edinburgh Waverley Station at 11:15 am, and I scramble with heavy luggage to catch the shuttle to Edinburgh Airport, where I am just maybe possibly early enough for my 1:35 pm departure for London Heathrow. Whatever the case, I'll do my best.... arriving LHR at 3 pm, and then hopping another flight at 4:20 pm for a 7:25 pm arrival at Washington Dulles. I'll wait for the 9:50 pm United Shuttle to Atlanta, and .... voila! One bedraggled traveler being welcomed by a loving friend. My body will think it's 5 hours later. I'll cope.

I arrived here in Scotland on April 6th hoping for 6 months and dreaming about more. I am heading back to the USA after 3-1/2 months. And as they say in many corners, more shall be revealed.



    Just a thought.


  2. Thank you - I'll look more closely after Stateside