Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Over the pond and looking

I leave bonnie northern Scotland today. I awakened early enough to see the "haar," a dreamy coastal fog in lands bordering the North Sea. This morning it's over the farmer's field of sheep. In 24 hours, God Willing, I shall arrive at Atlanta Airport, greeted by Susan and possibly her husband Klaus. I will try to remember my name after the long long day ahead.

This photo was taken on my birthday this past Sunday. We walked along the Moray Firth from Cummingston to Hopeman, and on the other side of this wall is the sea. I could walk along its windy, narrow ways as long as I paid attention to each step. Posing at the end with dangling legs was lots of fun.

Help me pray my way back to America, if you would... and to say farewell with loving gratitude to a holy and juicy 3-1/2 months here in the Highlands. The Grace of God unfolds.

It is present today.

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  1. Hi Diane - hope god held you in the palm of his hand as you travelled back to the US. You will always have a place at our table in Forres. Itwas a pleasure getting to know you. One day at a time.
    Love Thomas, Sandra and wee Mac and Maggie Mae