Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update from Diane's Friends

Hello to everyone who reads Diane’s blog. We are Ruth, Ali and Tony - the Scottish friends who visited Diane last month and had a very wonderful holiday with her.

We wanted to let you know that Diane was taken into hospital (UCSF) last weekend after having stomach flu and a UTI. She was in a lot of pain and very weak. Thankfully the medical staff were able give her sedatives and she’s now much more comfortable.

Diane was desperate to return home and at the end of this week, her wonderful friends organised ‘around the clock’ care. The hospital would only discharge her on condition she had 24/7 care, so a rota was quickly and efficiently created.

Thankfully Diane was able to return home by ambulance yesterday (Friday). The ‘Hospice on the Bay’ offered training to those who are taking care of her. There is a hospital bed in her living room as she can’t lie flat due to difficulty breathing. It’s situated by the two windows and she’s surrounded by flowers.

Her friend Laura wrote the following on Saturday, 15 Oct:

Diane is resting at home, in her last days. She was SOOOOO happy to get back. She is very medicated now and not so lucid much of the time, but she has moments of clarity. Getting home was just one of those clear moments, and it was just 'heaven' for her. I was there, and also two other friends and a Hospice social worker when she got home. When she was settled in her bed, she wanted ice cream, and so we all ate vanilla ice cream together. It was lovely.

We cannot list everyone who has helped to make her final days comfortable, truly loved and cared for spiritually as well as physically and emotionally. We’d be sure to miss someone out.

Her friend Maggie asked if she needed anything and her response was, "your prayers."

Chris in Seattle was able to upload this posting - thank you so very much to everyone. It means a lot to us being so far away to know that our dear friend Diane is being cherished in her final days.


  1. Diane passed into the loving care of God at 8:05 am PDT, Sunday, October 16.

  2. Thank you, Chris in Seattle, for posting this, and Diane's friends from Scotland and all the dedicated souls who care for Diane around the clock. It is very reassuring to know she is so well cared for. And to you, my friend, all my love. May the doors to Heaven be wide open, and may that Light embrace and fill your Being as you leave your earthly garment behind.
    Love, Eva from Switzerland

  3. I hope that if Diane is unable to read this, that someone will read it to her. She is in our prayers every day, and we hope that she is comfortable and happy, surrounded by her human angels. We are so very grateful that she and Steve had the opportunity to reconnect at St. Mark's, and I'm only sorry that it's not looking like I'll get to meet her in person, though things can change and we always hope and pray for a miracle. In the meantime, may the Mother of God hold her in Her hands and keep her safe.

    Hugs and brightest blessings,
    Trapper & Steve

  4. Diane knows how much she is loved by so many people. She is a beloved child of God and she knows that also. We at the Rivendell Community in Missouri cherish the friendship that was forged during her short stay here with us. Diane, we love you and will miss you terribly. But we know that our Lord will welcome you in His open arms and at last you will see God face to face. Rest in Peace, beloved of God.

  5. Thank you for this note. I knew something was a miss when there were no responses to my texts or likes on meaningless Facebook photos. Please tell her Rae Gina sends her love and that she will always be with me, in the deepest part of my heart.

  6. Thank You Chris for the post and to all who cared for her. I will miss you and you also I will have that special place in my heart for you. May you Rest in peace. I have said a prayer for you as you make the Journey to be With our Lord and all that have gone before. Cindy E.