Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tribute to Diane from Tom Montagne

I am an ex boy friend and the American living in Berlin or better known as the Bubba to my beloved Bubette!

Diane and I were a couple back around 1989 to ?? 1991. I rented her apartment on Venice Beach when she made the decision to move to Sedona. There was a short period when we both lived together in that apartment which I remember with very fond memories. As a couple we were probably not the best match in the world, but as soul mates we were perfect – both alcoholics, both adventurers, both looking for something beyond the next cloud or mountain top. I admired her spirit so damn much and her dedication and perseverance. As an example, I was with her in Sedona the weekend that she first soled in an airplane. She took me to the airfield one Saturday morning just to show me flight school and the planes she had been training in. Her instructor was there and asked her if she had a little time free. Diane said yes and her instructor said, “Good because you’re going to solo this morning!” You could hear the gulp in Diane throat but she said, “IF you think I’m ready …OK!”. As her instructor and I stood on the end of the runway she said to me, “Don’t worry she knows what she’s doing.” And she did, making a perfect take off and return landing. We then went out for a celebratory breakfast. Nothing seemed impossible for her, as for example her deciding to move to Scotland and open a flying service. The business may never have gotten off the ground but it was not from and lack of effort on Diane’s part. Her spirit and drive was truly amazing.

Like you, I have thousands of memories of “Sweet Diane,” the vast majority are private and better left in our hearts. My last phone conversation with her was the day she was released from the UCSF hospital back in August. What I remember most from that conversation is that as we were saying good bye, I told her that I loved her and after a timely, no doubt surprised pause she repeated the same back to me. Funny how much I feel those words today.

One more thought that I want to express to you is that I knew how much she loved her father and especially her little brother, as well as the difficult relationship she had with her mother. I can only think that she is happy now having been re-united with the two (if not three) most important people in her life. You and I may be missing a “best friend” but she is with her family that no doubt loved her as much as she loved them.

– Tom Montagne

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  1. "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." (L&M)