Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diane’s memory book

Dear friends of Diane’s,

Stacey Dennick here. A reminder that I'm collecting stories about Diane for a memory book. If you'd like to write something please send it to: sdennick@comcast.net (a Microsoft Word file is best for longer stories.) Let me know if it’s not okay to post your piece here, or to quote parts of it during the memorial service. Here are the first messages I've gathered.


From: Stacey Dennick, October 16, 2011 8:30:06 AM PDT
To: Alison Sheriffs Brown, Ruth Whitfield
Subject: Diane flying over Scotland now

She just passed at 8:16am. Very peacefully with no struggle or pain

– Love, Stacey

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From: Alison Sheriffs Brown

Subject: Re-Diane's flight, October 16, 2011 9:58:37 AM PDT

Hi Stacey,

Thank you so much for letting us know about Diane. We went for a walk on Findhorn Beach and when we were there we saw a dolphin and another amazing thing was a small set of joined kites were being flown and the child let go of it. These dancing shapes took off fast and instead of falling to the sea went on and on out to sea. The mother said she thought they were bound for Norway. We watched until we could see them no more bobbing in the air and said Diane must have flown them off with her. When we returned we found your email. How wonderful that her end was pain free and peaceful.

– love Ali and Tony xx


From: Jennie Curtis, October 17, 2011 11:06:45 AM PDT

I was blessed to serve as Diane's spiritual companion for nearly 6 years when she was in the bay area. Her gentle spirit, deep faith and extraordinary presence will be a life long legacy and gift to those of us who were blessed to call her friend. Peace beyond measure for her spirit and to all of us here on earth who have been graced by her presence

–Jennie K. Curtis

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From: Chris Kagan, October 17, 2011 7:05:09 PM PDT

I've known Diane since she was in her early 20’s and I was in my mid to late 20’s. We met at a music shop (McCabes) in Los Angeles where she was singing and I was playing mandolin or banjo. Our friendship lasted until now with many phases including dating each other, being lifelong pen pals, philosophical partners, and student teacher relationships with my teaching her stock trading so she could give up having a standard job, and her teaching me musical techniques.

She was always very clever with cards, and her last birthday card to me was signed “hugs, blessings and love” which is a great summary of how she treated me and so many others. We used to have a playful competition regarding who could create the card with the best twists of phrase, and it was fun. We introduced our friends to each other, had dinners, recently went to an owl evening, the birds, not her singing group of the same name. That singing group was very good. She was the star vocalist. Her half Jewish, half Christian background always had a special appeal to me, a sort of hybrid intellectual and spiritual vigor. She showed a lot of courage, and enjoyed nature, music, friends, ideas, and was naturally artful. Sue, my wife, liked her and she liked Sue. We will both miss her.

Chris Kagan

From: John Worthington, October 18, 2011 6:06:16 AM

An ode to a flying swan

In days past I was a flying instructor with the Moray Flying Club in Scotland and this was where I first met Diane. She had achieved her flying ticket in the USA and I had the pleasure of teaching her the whys and wherefores of flying in the UK. We spoke a whole lot of different gobbledegook over the airwaves here. Diane was quick to learn and soon after that teaching period we embarked on innumerable hours of pleasure flying together. Behind that intense façade there was a twinkle in the eye that revealed a yearning for a something a little less mundane.

We flew all types of contraptions from modern touring aircraft to home built machines to a Second World War biplane and we would clatter into the skies with frivolous abandon. We flew high, we flew low, we flew fast, we flew slow, we performed aerobatics and occasionally came to earth with a bump – we were in mutual agreement that no matter how hard the bump if you could walk away from the landing it wasn’t such a bad one after all. Those times are long past and I miss the fun we had. The memories are mine to cherish. Alas I no longer fly but Diane you are now soaring with the angels. Take care and God bless.

–John Worthington


  1. I met Diane several years ago...she visited my shop very shortly after she learned she might have leukemia. Although I didn't know her well, I was so struck by her courage and determination to get the very very most out of her life. I followed her blog intermittently, and am sad to learn she has passed on...she will always radiate love and wonderment...Peace, from Suzanna...

  2. I was not fortunate enough to meet Diane "face to face." I literally stumbled onto her blog "Paradigm Gauntlet" sometime in 2008, and was moved by her faith and courage. I commented on a post, and she commented back... a year later, I was diagnosed myself with stage 4 throat cancer. Throughout my difficult journey with my own treatment, Diane was a faithful friend, encouraging me with her comments to posts I would make on my own blog (which I would never have begun without being inspired by her). We finally had a very nice phone visit a few weeks ago, and I am very thankful for that. Diane seemed to know just what I was going through, and what I needed to hear. Her faith, her humor, her joy in living, and her kindness all showed through in her writing and sharing her journey with us. I am happy for the peace and love that now surround her in the presence of Jesus. I am thankful for the love she freely shared. I will miss her greatly.

    Steve Blum

  3. Though we never met in person, we carried on a lively conversation through her blog. I will miss her posts, both the humourous and the poignant. She always managed to update us, no matter what she was going through at the time, and I know that her blogs inspired many people going through their own journeys.

    She was in my prayers every day, and I always asked for a healing. Prayers do get answered, but not always in the way we would wish.

    Diane is healed now, incandescent with the Love of the Divine, and truly at peace with the universe. I'm sure she's already figuring out ways to let us all know that she's ok, and fretting, just a little, that we all miss her so.

    So, when you see that rose, blooming in the dead of winter where no rose should be, that sweet bit of song that we catch on the breeze, but don't know where from, the gentle breeze that whispers by, that will be Diane, waving and saying, "Yoo hoo! I'm ok!" She's there, just out of the edge of sight.

    Hugs and blessings, my dear. Fly with the angels.

  4. We are so sorry to read that Diane is no longer here in this world. I have been thinking of her for weeks now... and kept meaning to visit her blog... write her a note... let her know we were thinking of her... but it was not to be. At least, not on this plane.

    Diane, you're well and safe now, happy in the arms of He whom you loved best of all. We were blessed to know you and call you Friend.

    Felicia and William.

  5. She will be sadly missed but not forgotten. We had the pleasure of meeting Diane and sharing her journey on her visit to Scotland a few summers ago. Her joy for living, her ability to live one day at a time and her connection with her Higher Power are the essence of Diane that we will carry in our hearts. We have a custom of adding a angel each Christmas for those we have lost and I look forward to the adventure of shopping for a proper Scottish angel, our Diane. We will always be connected with her in the Fellowship of the Spirit and it has been an honour and a privilege to trudge this happy road to destiny, though for just a short time, with our friend Diane. Love, Thomas and Sandra M, Scotland UK

  6. I have just read this sad sad news about my friend Diane.
    I met her in Seattle in 1990 and became good friends. I visited in LA when she was living in Venice Beach in 1992, then in 1993 she first cam to Findhorn in Scotland where we met up again. I think I was the person who introduce Diane to Findhorn. She cam to visit and stay for a vacation with me in Belfast after her Findhorn visit. I took her to see the Giant's Causeway, and an old monastery burnt down by the Vikings where I used to meditate, (she loved that place) We last met in Portland Oregon when she flew in her own plane to met up with myself and another friend she knew from Ireland. We stayed in touch over Facebook and she posted a photo of watercolor I painted which I had given her as a present. God bless, Diane, it was a privilege to know you.