Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a few little extras

I've always loved "outtakes" the best... the snippets from movies that just weren't quite splash enough to make the big marquee. I'm a show-off. I have been given wondrous gifts and as well simplicities that I wish to share before moving on to next musings.

For those dear friends not from California, my friends here are standing in front of one of the redwoods at Muir Woods here in Marin County. These are REALLY tall trees!

So here's that fun "extras" Gallery: CLICK, my friends!

The soirée was of course a great success; their stay at the villa was mostly wondrous; and we got around the local area, even while I whined about my puffy cheeks (down now every so slightly with the reduced Dex!).

We managed to feast at the three local restaurants I'd eyed, BOCA in Ignacio being one of them. I need to point out that dining out in Scotland is not normally a pleasant occasion. The food is expensive and less than ideal quality... unless you make it to the likes of Boath House out which is, oh, heaven. Trust me. Go there. You'll NEVER forget it. Otherwise, even the likes of the Ramnee in Forres is sorta like a local fish-'n-chip shop with strong pints at the bar. But I gotta tell you - they make some extremely luscious fish-'n-chips!

So we BOCA'd... and we made it to a wholly ordinary Mexican Taqueria on Grant Street here in Novato. We're Californians; we're locals. We do Mexican. NEVER had they before. I think more energy and bug eyes went into the size of the portions than anything else, and with enough homemade guacamole and other various salsas (including a side of molé sauce), we feasted. The two others were a surprise luncheon at the Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley and our last meal at the Harmony Dim Sum in Strawberry. What can I say? YUM!

One of the most delightful excursions was having being given a personalized Garden Tour by Nanette Londeree, my kind landlady Master Gardener. SHE was born gifted. She even brings me vases of cut roses as I'm on her healing path radar - bless her. However, Tony & Ali & Ruthie are no slouches in their respective gardens... but wow. Nanette normally saves her tours for 150-200 people.

We were then treated to delectable cut farmer's market fruit and bubbly pear juice on their patio. What a blessed morning!

"So whatcha up to tomorrow?" piped in her husband Bill. Both retired after decades and now into their various heart paths, Tony responded, "Not sure. Think we'll just explore the area."

"I can take you all up Mt. Tam and then to Muir Woods if you like," he quipped. Now Bill is not only a bit on the shy side but VERY busy. While Nanette's eyes widened slightly with surprise, Tony said, "That would be GREAT!"

And so it was. You can see some of the photos here in the little Gallery. It was AMAZING.

There was also an open-top City bus tour while I had a rest day. I'd loaded 'em up with AAA maps, the Ferry Schedule and my blessings.

I cried and laughed every day with delight to have had my friends come all this way to spend an entire week with me. I give such great thanks to God.

But what's this little black kitten face at the end of the Gallery? You'll have to wait and see, won't you?


  1. Thank you for the lovely vist-log and pics... that you can still enjoy your self is very inspiring... hope to phone chat if you're up to it... please let me know via email if possible... in peace and hope... Randall in Salem, OR

  2. I'm so glad you got to have a 'walk in the woods' ... I always enjoy a saunter - with friends and a snack it's always wonderful. Also - I think the air in the forest must have more oxygen than city air and it smells/tastes/feels better. Thank you for sharing the photos. SKC

  3. Your visit with beloved friends (and really, friends are the family we get to pick) sounds truly magical, filled with love and laughter. This is all so very healing both of body and spirit, something you can always do with. I hope that you've kept up on the laughter and surrounding yourself with loving friends.

    Candles were lit for you at the local Orthodox church. The incense, the bells, all make one more focused in prayers for healing, at least that's what I think.

    May every day find you better and more yourself. This is our prayer for you. And that little kittyface looks like she's found a home. So is it Lucy-fur?

    Hugs and blessings!

  4. Secret message place from me - when I don't post, it means I'm really rockin' it and having a ball (e.g. building photo galleries 'n all) OR I'm exceedingly unwell as I have been for well over 10 days and ask for your loving prayers. Same with Facebook. Sad about Steve Jobs dying - bless his soul! - and letting that go to the forefront. However running debilitating (1) tummy flu THEN horrific UTI with the proper meds only just hopefully discovered. Lots of calls to nurses. Prayers and candles please for me! I'll try 'n get more articulate later. LOVE, Diane

  5. PS to sweet Anonymous - bless you for Orthodox candles and... Lucy was a day tripper. Fun being foster momma for one day.

  6. Prayers and candles for you. Hope these ills are soon just an annoying memory. Brightest blessings and may joy fill your soul 'til there's no room for sorrow or illness.

    Hugs and blessings!

    ps--Day tripper or not, furfriends are good medicine.

  7. can I exhale yet ??? still curious about that little black kitten face .... guess I'll exercise Patience (I'm getting good at it) [PS: this should, I hope, come across as humor, but I'm not giving up my day job yet.] SKC