Saturday, April 2, 2011

wanna play ball, scarecrow?

I'm drinking Dandelion tea and packing.

Monday I shove off for 12 days in the Pacific Northwest - to a little town called Gig Harbor to attend to matters of health in as focused a manner as I can.

On the one hand, my ultrasound results were, as far as I can tell reading the report, that lovely medical term of "unremarkable." Evidently the 2.5cm "mass" was an ovary itself. Silly CT scan, eh? If there's anything else awry down in them thar parts, it wasn't see-able from that test.

My latest CBCs were not good. That's why I'm hitting the road Now.

Akk! Eeek! What's "not good!?" I've had a significant platelet drop in only 3 weeks from 89 (already too low) to 73. The WBC that was a robust-for-me 2.2 just 2 months ago has slithered to 1.6 again. I'm still anemic (RBC 3.32). Neutrophils in their usual scraping the bottom ozone (.4). I'm tired. Mojo is gone. All that I do on many levels got hit with some trigger, singular or plural, in the past four months. My immune system has been having the air let out of its little tires. Two of my practitioners went into a huddle and this was strongly recommended. The clinic there boasts many holistic therapies, including but not limited to megavitamin IV treatments. Damn, will I ever get away from these needles? There's also some hyperbaric oxygen about a half-hour away. I've booked a room at a small Inn, got the flights, got the car reserved, and am getting ready.

It will not be an inexpensive endeavor. However my path needs a boost now.

I'll unpack possible "why?"s later. It could be any number of things. Whether weak or strong, the proverbial straw often arrives unexpectedly.


  1. Oh dear! I tend to think that the current state of blood cells has to do with the onslaughts of illness that you've had lately. A rest trip, with a fresh set of eyes checking on your levels and prescribing treatments, can only help. I hope that B-12 is in the mix. It's been a boon for my anemia.

    I hope that you will look at it as a vacation, a chance to see people and relax. A trip or two to St. Marks wouldn't hurt either.

    Be well, fly safe. You are in our prayers and our thoughts.

  2. Yes, be well... I thank God for the good part of the report, and I am praying for your platelet count, all that other stuff and your MOJO... let them rise! You really are an inspiration to me in the way you have taken charge of your own treatment choices. I so want God to bless you with all sorts of strength. All sorts. And to bless the folks who will work with you at the clinic with wisdom and skill in the therapies they use. Diane, you are in my prayers.