Sunday, April 10, 2011

and I thought cod liver oil was weird...

This is my Northwest doc, Russell Kolbo (N.D, D.C), adding in a potent vitamin brew called a "Myer's Cocktail" to the last dregs of my first ever IV dose of 3% pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide. To anyone including hidden subpersonalities of my own who might be thinking, "What in the WORLD is she DOING???" - I respond by saying, "My prayerful best to rebuild my weakened immune system."

I do have a wee photo gallery (click on said word) of the past few days, from the Mt. Rainier Clinic I cannot BELIEVE I forgot to link to my new in the woods bed & breakfast out on the Key Peninsula yet a mere 7.4 miles to the Clinic.

It's Sunday. Question of the day: How's it going? Answer in the moment: Slowly, sometimes challenging and yet hopeful. I cry sometimes when the needles go in, and there are no shoddy phlebotomists around including Russell. My veins are scarred from the hospital treatments of 2-1/2 years ago. I'm a 'fraidy-cat. It hurts and I don't like the pain. I do wish however that I'd be getting more of a BUZZ with all of these megavitamins bypassing my gut and going straight into my bloodstream! I tell you, were it not for Lent, I would be snarfing down the there there now comfort chocolate like mad! Still - how can I not feel looked after here? Everyone at the clinic rocks. Russell's wife Cherie, who'll soon have her own juice & smoothie bar plus educational studio, has brought me whopping healthy green smoothies four times this past week. She makes her own "health bars" with grains, low-glycemic sweeteners & dried fruits, wraps 'em up and leaves a basketful in the IV Lounge for all the patients. "Here," she or Russell will say, "take one of these!"

I love when deep wisdom, decades of experience and a kind heart come burbling together. While I would like to be kicking up my heels TODAY.... bounding up a mountainside TODAY... not being so tired or suffering from a Herxheimer episode that I missed a local 10am Church service this morning, I feel that I am in the right place. That especially includes where I lay my head at night.

After 5 days and nights at the lovely Maritime Inn, I reached my limit with the street noise. I had been sniffing around the local environs for quieter accommodation, however in my tiredness I really wanted the Maritime to work out. I didn't want to pack up and schlepp out again. Then 6am Friday morning, I heard them, yelling. Boisterously. Kayakers. Oh bless their fit and able hearts and bodies!

That was enough. I'd had it. After a phone call to the kindly Innkeeper here at the Bear's Lair B&B out in the blessed Thank You God! boonies, I was penciled in. The manager at the Maritime was understanding; there were no issues even though I'd booked the entire 12 days. And I am just beginning to find some deep, uninterrupted sleep. Yeah!

That's enough outta me. I am slow. I am grateful. I am healing one day at a time by God's Grace and through the hands of some very gifted servants of His.


  1. It sounds like you are indeed exactly where you need to be to become well again. Let's just pray that this season will be a shedding of illness, to welcome a new, healthy you! Every day of feeling less than wonderful is one fewer day 'til Lent and treatment are over, and you can go back to feeling full of energy and life.

    Oh, and the bliss of being in such a cozy place to sleep and heal! It's lovely and perfect! What a sweet sanctuary!

    May you feel comforted and held in the hands of the Divine while you recover!

    Hugs and blessings to you.

  2. Dear Diane,

    Just thinking of you this evening, so I went to your blogsite to see how it's going. Thanks for writing there. I hope all goes well and you get better! What do you do when not at the doc's?

    I didn't get to our Sunday-night group last night because of a bad day of seizures Friday. Just really, really tired. Again, no loss of consciousness and I continued working at the gallery all day even with them, but still quite nasty the day after. Then fatigue.... I'm just beginning to feel a bit like myself today.

    So, when do you get back--around the 19th or 20th? I hope all goes well. I hope the treatment makes both a short-term and long-term difference.

    Whatever happens, God is good and will use everything for good if we let Him. You're in my prayers.

    Love in His sweetest love,

  3. I hope that this is all going well and that you are MUCH improved! May this treatment bring you vibrant health and more energy than you know what to do with.

    Hugs and blessings to you.