Wednesday, April 6, 2011

emerging from chaos

I'm feeling better already.

I remain needle- and pinprick-adverse. I can't watch them poke me. I can't even stare at it once I'm wired in. However on Day #2, now with a whopping 75 grams of Vitamin C and other healthy bits dripping into my veins (versus yesterday's intro of 50 grams), I feel so much better than from Monday's late and rainy arrival that I want to skip a jig around the nearest evergreen.

Grumpy would be too polite a term for my mood when I arrived. The worn 12-Step mantra of "don't let yourself get overly hungry, angry, lonely or tired" came scrambling back in with a humbling vengeance. I thrashed through 'em all and went straight to psycho. It is possible, perhaps even likely for example, that when I staggered over to the Thrifty Car Rental counter at SEATAC Airport, having reserved a "Wild Card! Let us surprise you!" deal of a 'mid-sized or larger vehicle' for $16.95/day (can you blame me?), the offering of a Dodge Grand Caravan (akk!) could've been renegotiated to something else without them insisting I would pay MUCH MUCH more for it. It's rather hard to be seething while shattered exhausted. I did not want a tank. I wanted a car. "The computer chose this for you," the gal smirked. Perhaps more grounded and rested I might've walked to another counter. I didn't. I nay'd their insulting push for THEIR auto insurance options (another $170 for the 12 days), brushed past a near threat of her vocally wondering if MY insurance company would pay for my time & rental while any damage, yes even a windshield nick, would see the $$ ticker go on until any repairs were completed, and finally signed, outraged and spent. I am driving a white monstrosity that gets 15 mpg. But such a deal, eh?

Speaking of the allure of deals, my dear friend Ruthie sent me THIS:

Somehow naughty words misspelled in another dialect are very funny.

Fortunately for penny saving I am committed to my healing here at the clinic in Gig Harbor rather than taking an extended road trip. Otherwise for 15 mpg I'd rather be in a Ferrari.

Incidentally, for those who trust in the efficacy of IV megavitamin therapy, what I've gotten in the Bay Area runs around $200/treatment (1-1/2 to 2 hours). This clinic charges $75.00. That alone helps pay for any return journeys!

My room at the Inn is okay. Trying to hack past the fairy tale glens of hotshot websites, even aided and abetted by the likes of TripAdvisor, doesn't prepare you for What It Is. Like the "surprise!" of Thrifty's wickedness, you get what you get. The Maritime Inn is a LOVELY place. My room is very posh. My tub has jets! And the traffic noise, yes, from the 2-lane main drag of pokey little Gig Harbor grates on me like... well, fill in your own analogy. However with one day of healing treatments under my belt, my crankiness has ebbed a tad. I may switch; I may not. The manager of the place cannot be nicer, and that is a plus.

The week preceding my departure featured me slamming down the greens, both in fresh green smoothies and sauteed delicacies from spinach to dandelion greens. Logically and intuitively I knew that it would help. I had become THE slacker on things green months back. Hey. This is my health and life! Funny how the yummilicious organic bakery sweets from Whole Foods began to take the place of my fresh juices and green smoothies. I think my inner 4-year-old had scrambled into the kitchen. It is amazing how alluring sweets are to me. I need a TREAT! Multiply, amplify... and away we go.

Prayer. Green drinks. Prayer. And? Yesterdays CBC (April 5th) saw those pathetic platelets MOVE from 73 (March 28th) to 85.

That. Is. SOMETHING! What'll they be after a week of all this turbo joy-juice? Hoooo-eee!

WBC crept up from 1.6 to 1.7. At my levels, I take all the positivity I can get. RBC is still a slogger at 3.2 but I've never felt in danger from their lowness, only fatigue. Hmmmm. Grass-fed steak or a bowlful of beets? Bring 'em on!

I have dear friends here in the Northwest I'd savor seeing. I'll be at the clinic every single day, even on Sunday afternoon (after Church of course). Not sure if I'd be energized or flattened, I've made no social plans but one. I'll let the time unfold.

I am immensely grateful to God and my holistic healing team for this opportunity to undo the last few months of ecch and rebound in greater wholeness.


  1. So glad to hear that you're feeling better and that your levels have improved! Perhaps this clinic should be a plan a couple of times a year? And seeing friends can only help with any plan of healing.

    But most important is that this is YOU time, to rest, to heal, to regroup and come back revitalized and stronger than you were. After all of the sickness you've been through over the winter, you deserve this chance to just say, "Ahhhh, yes, life IS good." Except for the needles, of course.

    To be able to spend most of the rest of Lent here, shedding all of the remnants of unwellness, to be able to welcome Easter with joy and health, truly a blessing. I hope that each day finds you better, and that adventures unfold for you during this stay. Hugs and blessings to you.

  2. "Anonymous" - and Steve B.! - you're always so kind and insightful. This time is indeed healing on deeper levels. The old self-shredding subpersonality is sly.... I still fail to see its grip until I'm trying to peel myself off of some wall. Sigh! Hugs & blessings back big time.

  3. I hope that you are well tucked in tonight, having found good, wholesome HOT food, tea, and that you can listen to the gentle water tonight instead of the traffic. All healing is good. Enjoy this time and tell all of the nagging thoughts that self defeat to go far away. This is a time for forgiveness, of mending, of new beginnings. Be well. Be blessed. Keep us posted.

  4. Go Diane!
    Go Platelets!

    You have a lot of feckin' adventures!

  5. Feckin' yeah!

    Moving to a country B&B this afternoon - more to post. Maybe even photos, too.

    Day 4 of IVs.... and the SUN is out up here! Well, for an hour at least. I think.

  6. Photos would be lovely. It IS really gorgeous today. I hope that the new place is quiet, though the link you posted to the last one showed a very nicely appointed place. How're you feeling? May this trip restore you to radiant health! Blessings and hugs to you.

  7. Photos will arrive, soon. Yesterday I was at the clinic 10:30-4:30... it's a full-time job while I'm here! And even a B-12 shot didn't fill me with boinga-boinga energy. Healin'! Yeah, do Google "Bear's Lair B&B" until I can link it and crow about it. FINALLY I can sleep! Heaven!