Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jesus Lives

He lives and reigns and calls!

Top to bottom, that's Ruthie Whitfield with Alison Sheriffs-Brown; the photo below is of Ali and her husband Tony Brown. Most of you reading this know that these are three of my best friends in the entire world who live in the Scottish Highlands. For 20 years I've come and gone, tried to emigrate, lived for bits of time. Their arms have always been open, their hearts, their kitchens. The kettle is always on.

They are flying out in early September to spend a week with me here in northern Marin County. It will be Tony & Ali's first trip to America and Ruthie's 2nd, which featured (sic) a night at a "Y" in the Tenderloin in 1990. "You are NOT staying in the Tenderloin this time," I said.

This journey dream prayer began while I was at UCSF, from emails and mobile phone calls and "this is what's UP with my life now, beloveds..." to "I want to see you again." As Tony said to me on the phone just yesterday, it is all coming together with grace. And after they'd bought their tickets at the local "Beaver Travel" agency in Forres, Ali spied Jesus. "Look!" she whooped. It's the Lord's deep Pockets bringing us all together.

As my sweet Novato red house does not boast a guest suite, I discovered that for the very same price as a rack rate Best Western right off the Hwy. 101 corridor, there were lusciously compelling Vacation Rentals!

Here is where my beloved friends will stay in early September. What do you think? A boxy hotel room or a Moroccan-themed villa right on the lagoon with a hot tub and gourmet kitchen?

As well I've eyed three restaurants so far to which I MUST take us: (1) Boca (Argentinian) here in southern Novato, (2) Harmony Restaurant in Mill Valley, (3) and Bubba's Diner in San Anselmo.

Here are a few photos from over the years. {LINK-o-mat!}

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!


  1. great news sweetie.. keep us posted and I'll hope for some pics the the Gaggle 'o Three....

  2. What a glorious, delicious gift! Friends and the love they bring are truly the very best medicine. Immerse yourself in this very holy gift of love, and who knows what miracles may be wrought!

    Hugs and blessings

  3. Blueberry milkshakes and Bubba Burgers! That is a "down home" good meal!

  4. Harmony sounds heavenly, but Boca and Bubba's sound positively decadent! I wish we had a Bubba's in Seattle!

  5. Bubba's is really THE best. And it's in San Anselmo, with Mt. Tam close by. There's gotta be a cool American diner in Seattle but my brain isn't locking onto that right now. Of course the love that is already arriving... yeah, that's the healing Jesus balm that soothes and thrills me alike.

  6. Yes... Bubba's. Fine vegan dining since 1975.