Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Strollin' on through my new 'hood...

... and getting to know some of my neighbors :-)

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  1. Diane, I so (as always) enjoyed reading your updates. It's been a while since I've done so, and your recent call was a joy to me. We are happily preparing for Advent Lessons and Carols and then the Christmas Eve service. My favorite time of the year musically.

    St. Davids is engulfed in the stress of Fr. Paul getting ready to leave, lots of panic and anger and other such silliness. Please add us to your prayers. We'll be fine but it's going to be a bit ugly in the process of "getting fine". Thanks be to God for Rev. Anne Elizabeth but I have to wonder what on earth (or heaven) keeps her there.

    Dan and I are doing well, he's off to ski patrol this weekend in Magee Valley, NC. The snow is flying, and he's ready.

    We had a fantastic visit to Rochester, everyone there is well and happy. Sam and I are in love, 20 months is such a wonderful age of discovery and joy. Jeremy (youngest son) is doing well, moving out helped him tremendously. Nate and Lora are fine and happy to have the house on their own. Can't say that I blame them one bit. Zac is still in Paris, Hollie heads there ina week or so to spend a month with him before they both return to Iowa City.

    That's enough news for now, I love and miss you and am so glad you are safely in such a peaceful and beautiful place. You are in my prayers. It's so amazing how knowing you for such a short time and yet you have taken ahold of a huge place in my heart.

    Love you sister!