Monday, September 21, 2009

Pondering, praying and getting poked

I'm struggling to share some morsels about my first day here meeting the folks at the Clinic and getting quite a thorough series of tests.... while the metro Atlanta area is being deluged with horrific floods!

I hope this passes through as quickly as possible.... for those losing power and even some of their homes.

Ironically or not, my 300+ mile drive to the north was pretty uneventful. It was pouring buckets as I left and yet I found myself entering low cloud and mist rather than more torrents.

I'm a bit space-brained from travel and the bustling newness of engaging with this multidisciplinary group of healing folk. While the other clinic used only 'the boop machine' as a diagnostic tool, we've got a more fleshed out gamut here - blood, urine, vital signs, a long talk with the head guy, Dr. Cohn, and something rather intriguing called Live Cell Analysis. Perhaps I can more readily validate watching my blood cells bump-and-grind from a finger prick droplet under a microscope and projected onto a computer screen..... than hearing funny synth sounds from the other method. Of course cells gone awry are my deal - faltering bone marrow spluttering out crippled cells and platelets. I'm still pondering this one, and a first blaze through an online search shows at least as many sites proclaiming this hokum as singing its praises.

Something went horribly wrong at sometime for my marrow to stop functioning properly and develop into AML.... with its still-around precursor MDS. Conventional medicine has told me that they don't know WHY I developed leukemia. They also told me that my best chance of survival consists of a bone marrow transplant (45% to the 5-year mark not addressing quality of life). The CAM and alt folk require just as much discernment on my part, however I'm getting more answers and possibilities from them. And let's face it - since I've added quite an arsenal of herbs since returning Stateside in mid-July, I AM feeling noticeably better.

I'm still discerning. Tomorrow I'll spend 5-6 hours at the Clinic; Wednesday another three. I'll share more as I am able.

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