Saturday, September 12, 2009

attuning in real time takes time

Having a few control issues remaining in my life, I prefer my confusion of the roadside attraction variety as opposed to that which carries the threat of, "OH NOOOOOO! What if I MESS UP!?" This photo is from a 2005 road trip I took through Northern California, not aware at the time that one of my later-found high school buddies was living not far from my motoring explorations.

Who needs a sore butt as an excuse to stop at a place like this?

I'm not sure I can extricate an analogy out of this without more organic coffee this morning, but my visual is based on my next steps in healing which involve others: Over the coming 2 weeks, I will meet with and be tested at two holistic medical clinics. One is here in Roswell, GA: Covenant Health Clinic, run by a well-recommended Dr. Rhett Bergeron. The other involves a road trip, something that when healthy never fails to stir up little bubbles of excitement in me: The Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, a leisurely 6-7 hour drive to Wilkesboro, NC - including a 3-day stay in the local area. I will spend several hours at Covenant this coming Thursday the 17th. I leave this Sunday the 20th after Church for my drive to the north.

Emails and phone calls needed to be followed up with in-person visits. There is only so much I can validate at arm's length. Both seem like excellent teams of healers. And while I have written in here that I am feeling better than I have in a very long time (save for this week's unfortunate pulled rib ligament or muscle which has put a real crimp in my exercise and life force levels), I don't need to brag about my mental health to declare that my healing path is not to exist in a vacuum consisting only of what I think are great ideas.

When I made the first appointment, I felt not relief but worry. I then realized that, for the most part, I don't trust physicians. I have pendulum swung over the years from Fix Me, Only You Have My Answers! to "stand back and let me think about this.... for a very long time." It was in listening to my inner wisdom that I began my more intuitive healing journey in February of this year.... when I first said, "Wait wait - no!" to a proposed 3rd hospitalized round of chemotherapy. It was only then that I began to read up on alternative protocols.... which I continue to do as well as act upon. And I desire to do this with the help of folks much wiser and more experienced than me.

Especially the One Who heals me and holds me most of all.

Will I attune to one, both or neither? We'll see.


  1. Diane

    May the One Who holds you and heals you also whisper wisdom and discernment into your decisions. I'll be interested in knowing your reactions and insights from these visits. So much to consider! It is good to read you continue to feel better. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just get in the car and leave confusion hill in the rear view mirror, getting smaller and smaller?

    May your mini road trip contain an abundance of unexpected sightings of beauty and grace along the way!

  2. Hey, we're not so far apart in the space-time continuum! We're in Takoma Park, MD for the next bit. :) Neat to think of you so close by...

  3. BLESS YOU, Steve - your connection remains a holy gift.... and Felicia, yeah, a mere 676 miles away! :-) Well hey, it's closer'n we've been for awhile....