Thursday, September 24, 2009

birds sing to grumpy girl

I chose an out of the way midway point for my journey back to the northern Atlanta suburban sprawl.... tiny Cashiers, NC. A long ways from pokey Wilkesboro.... 182 miles in fact, the last dozen or so on twisty turny mountain roads reminding me in waves of California Highway 1, parts of rural Scotland and then again some of the Pacific Northwest. I arrived tired and grumpy and slept a long while.... awakening less to my mental grindings than delight at hearing the birds serenade me.

I'm not so sure that "the jury is out" for me in the experience of IV nutrition than that they've cast their votes and are headed out in search of a real mug of strong coffee. Today I'm not sure that the IV portion of our show will continue as part of my rebuilding plans. I don't like pain or needles; I'm traumatized by needles and I've been told by more than one hospital nurse that my veins are growing scarred. The first attempt doesn't always get it and I cry. So... I can pop vitamins down my throat with the best of 'em. Since this is my only resistance, I won't judge myself too harshly. But I did it, by gum..... I lived through two IV experiences, the heavy metals test AND a plastic bag full of good things for me (Vitamin C, minerals, you know - Good Things).

I'll return to the Clinic in a few weeks for an in-person consultation and another delicious massage with healer man Dennis. Were I true road warrior (and boy, it's times like this I miss flying!), I could wrangle the 12-13 hours of highway driving and my 3-hour appt. at the Clinic. I'm not. I'll stay overnight and possibly treat myself to another mountain exploration. I can do this. I can do this and thank GOD for this. After two 25-day stints in a leukemia ward, oh yes I can do this.

In the meantime, I'll wander through little Cashiers, listen to the birds call out to me, and grab a strong cuppa joe for the four hours back to citified land. And there's choir practice tonight. My holy carrot and one of my deeper joys.

I wanna mountain cabin!


  1. It all sounds good, as does your frame of mind. My love and wishes for you are aboundant and steadfast. De-toxing (heavy metals) sounds real good too - most asmericans have no idea how polluted our country is with heavy metals - mostly thanks to the military. I'm glad your getting your system cleaned up.

  2. Diane

    Rock on!!!

    Sounds like encouraging news the last few days. I can relate to the fear of nurses and needles and weak veins... some nurses are more like "If I just keep poking you, I know we will find on eventually...have we really tried them all? Let me jab you one more time here...I doubt it will work, but let's try anyway." Of course, some really seem to care about what torture they inflict, so I am not condemning the profession, just, my own bad arms, mostly.

    I am praying for you miracles, and mercies, and good alternative science, and comforting messages, and comforting massages, and great numbers and counts, and another good trip to follow.

    Again...ROCK ON!!!