Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, little David

Today, June 29th, my little brother David Jeremiah Luboff would've turned fifty-one. He was buried on his 9th birthday in 1967 after a tragic accident from which he never recovered, partly due to his heart condition and the remainder to the dinosaur days of medical care. There weren't even CAT scans back then.

That's him with my beloved father David in Palisades Park in Santa Monica, California. Was it 1960? My Dad passed away in 1988; my mother in 1997.

I've lit a candle in my room for little David. It's from Pluscarden Abbey here in northern Scotland, with an image of Our Lady of Grace. My little brother's grave is at Mt. Olive Memorial Park in Los Angeles, not far away from my father's grave. I speak with them both in my mind's eye and heart on a regular basis. I felt that they both visited me while I was hospitalized and frightened.

He was so young when he died, and I remember so little from our childhood. When I speak to him now, I imagine him joshing back with me and saying, "I'm NOT little now!" I feel that his spirit is huge.

Life and death and linear time and Beyond.....

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  1. I also often feel the presence of my kids' father close by me. It is benevolent and caring. I feel he is sorry for putting us through a difficult time, but get no sense of guilt or sorrow. He seems to be checking up on JK & Ry. I feel he has moved past such negative feelings (guilt) and has come to peace with himself & his actions - and hopes we too can move past it and make peace with him.
    BTW: I always liked your Dad. He had a good color to his aura, was soft-spoken and kind.