Saturday, October 22, 2011

She was an amazing light

This is a photo taken by Diane on October 5th, of a spiritual candle. She had really wanted to post it on her blog, but the memory card from her camera had been lost. I found it today.

I do not know what she would have written here; I leave that for you to contemplate. It was probably the last photo she took.

Her light burned bright, and we will miss her immensely.


  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of the burial that you posted on facebook. We were all there in spirit.

  2. This is precious. I love this photo. The candle is her. Thank you for finding and posting this.

  3. ... thank you dear Chris for sharing this... there is always insight to derive from the light...

    Randall in Salem, OR
    (Diane's friend of about eight years)

  4. Those of you that have seen the film " Stardust" will know that this is Diane's Babylon candle and it has taken her to where she wanted to be. RIP lady. Mike