Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now priority

This impassioned leader in the "Jesus Movement" from the 70's died way, way too young in a plane crash. Is this where "trust God but tie up your camel" comes in? I don't understand the tragic nature of his early death, but oh did he make big waves for God while he was here. Keith Green: October 21, 1953 – July 28, 1982.

I goof off in Facebook more than post in here - linking juicy articles, leaving one-liners, smirking at friends. In front of my big, fat 27" new iMac screen, I can let my prayers to be God's able steward dribble aside while I furrow my brow and try to make SENSE of it all. Zoom! go my adrenals. WHEEE! goes my self-will, aided and abetted by another mug of delicious pu-erh tea. I take cuts from work by sneaking onto Facebook... and find THIS.... a YouTube video of a recording so old it's audio only. And inside of me I felt, "I need to post this to my blog - not to Facebook. HERE."

I have such a rich life! Yes, many of my counts still suck while others are just the yippiest, but as I've said, I'm more than my lab values. I'm more than a remission roadshow. I'm graced by the Lord God to have another day to be fruitful, focused, praising His Name and.... happy.

I say thanks a lot more than I used to.

I still have fears and I round 'em off at the pass with prayer more than I used to.

This song of Keith Green's caught me in a mid-day brow furrow. Oh yes. I remember now, Lord.



  1. Some of us miss your updates, who aren't facebook friends, but just interested fellow travelers, looking for some hope and your interesting posts. Blessings to you, and happy that you're doing well.

  2. Thank you, "anonymous" friend.... I will share more. I will. Bless you. There is much to praise God for and while it's a gift to be a darn sight busy with it all, yes, I shall share more.

  3. To the Lord...a day and a thousand years...all the I guess we die when He figures it's OK for us to go home. (We all wanna stay out late though!) Thanks for posting this Keith Green masterpiece...if ever there were an old soul who died young...not only that, but he was half-Jewish! One of my all time heroes, right up there with Mother Teresa. Timeless... What a gift his life and his music were/are...and how he loved the Lord! And I agree with "anonymous" about your posts fellow traveler...I'll take a blog post over facebook anyday!

  4. I just ordered a Keith Green Songbook 'cause I'm too lazy to learn the chord changes to "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" by ear... and a 2-CD set of studio and live cuts. And made a donation to Last Days Ministries. Wait, how'd I forget to order his book? Akk! Hmmm. One thing at a time. Thank you my friend for your affirmation of sharing more in here. I'll be shifting my fair weather ha-ha's from FB into more self-revealing musings in here.... one word, concept and posting at a time. :-)