Saturday, August 29, 2009

a tip for those sharing comments

I've realized that when I wish to mess around with the Comments section on another's or even my OWN blog, I have to hit the Post Comment circular thingy twice after I've written what I want.

If I'm in another's blog, it'll then prompt me to put a bunch of scrambled letters into another box, which seems to be a spam prevention maneuver. If I'm in my own, I just have to hit it twice.

So if you want to share and this has stopped you in the past, you don't have to let it anymore! Again, if you do so as Anonymous, please sign your first name at the end.

Being stubborn has its own rewards sometimes...

I've had an oft-challenging week and will write more when I can weave some wisdom into the whinging......

My thanks to my dear and missed friend Eva H., whose photographic eye is responsible for the visual in this post. Bless you my friend!

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