Thursday, June 16, 2011

Healing Prayer with three Sisters

I am presently in an internet wasteland of bandwidth starvation, east of Sedro Woolley, WA where neither satellite nor mobile hotspot can be roused for more than a hiccup. A simple photo I uploaded took 10 unsure minutes to make it. However it presses on my heart to share from my journal writings about a powerful experience on Monday night, June 13th.... that on a level I find difficult to quantify, is in another realm from "all that I do" in rebuilding my health. I share it unedited and from my heart:

"Last night the Sisters did Healing Prayer over me in their precious small chapel here. I'd asked if they were doing Evening Prayer, and Pat began to describe their "Faith Sharing" in a way that told me it was Lectio Divina. And THEN… dear Sr. Carol Ann asked me again if I would like to have Healing Prayer. "YES!" And it would take the place of the others.

It is one of the most powerful healing communal prayer services I have encountered. Sr. Carol Ann led me through the visual walk in a Scriptural account I felt guided to - the woman with the "issue of the blood." (It was that or the story of Queen Esther). I was led in the Healing Prayer to the scene… to seeing Jesus surrounded by the crowd… to making my way through the crowd… who looked at me askance? Who of the woman gently grabbed my arm and helped me through? Who others of the faithful nodded, knowing that to Whom I felt compelled to touch is God Himself?

As I touched His Garment from being close to the ground, squatting or semi-kneeling, I FELT the POWER COME INTO ME. I imagined the Light of Christ in a nearly visceral surge. And when He turned and said, "Who touched me?"… I was a mixture of things, from feeling no fear, yes, it WAS me, o Lord!, to a sense of a little girl thinking, please don't take this away from me. Please don't take this back. It was an ancient fear, from my childhood… that whatever was given to me was never assured as permanent, as safe. The winds could shift at any moment and whim could rob me in a heartbeat. That brushed past me briefly. And then Jesus took my hand and led me away from the crowd… as that wasn't really "part" of the Scriptural narrative, I struggled a wee bit and my visualizations were not crystal clear. I remember thanking Him by kissing his hand at the end of our brief talk, as J would Fr. Tom in the Sunday Night Oikos group. I had tears running down my face at this point. And we'd all held hands while Carol Ann led us in the visualization.

I feel more energized this morning than I have in some time."

That blessing was from my three days at The Hermitage Place in Tacoma, WA, my next step respite after five days with the Benedictine Sisters at St. Placid Priory in Lacey. The three Franciscan Sisters have no website, no blog. They have a brochure. They have the Lord's loving welcome and gracious peace. Some photos I took are HERE (click on the LINK, as usual).

My CBCs from Thursday, June 9th are sealed in an envelope at my request. As much as I pray and lean on the Lord God, I grow weary of my nose-ring knee-jerk upon seeing "the numbers". The numbers can wait. This day is at hand and blessed be God, it is a very nice one indeed.


  1. More proof that you are not your numbers. This was a powerful experience, that I'm sure has had a profound effect, not just on a conscious level, but on a cellular one. The sisters sound like true angels of The Divine. It's a fascinating way to do a healing meditation. And in your heart, you had the affirmation that this was all yours to keep, that it wouldn't be taken away. If you can let that fear go, I think that even more will flow to you.

    The pictures you chose to upload are just lovely. The sisters have green thumbs indeed.

    As I have said previously, this trip is just what you need. I think that a great healing is possible on many fronts: body and spirit.

    Will you be back in Seattle for a while after Thrive? If you would like to continue your experience, may I recommend Blessed Sacrament off 50th in the District? The church is open all day, and they have a beautiful icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the left. The atmosphere is very soothing, very peaceful and very loving. One of the priests who used to be in residence there referred to the statues and icons as "windows to God". It's how I like to think of them: doorways to a glimpse of The Divine. Though I'm not Catholic, going there has helped at certain times. I always leave with a greater sense of peace.

    In the meantime, I hope that you will wrap yourself in love, not only the love of The Divine, but the love of all of your friends, the love of us out here in the interwebs, and know that you are never alone and that no one and nothing can take that away. Shine on!

    Hugs and blessings!

  2. Bless you, o Anonymous, for the heads up on Blessed Sacrament as well as for your enduring kindness! I plan to stop by today en route to visit friends in Ravenna. My AirBnB in Broadview/Crown Hill is ok and will do 'til I depart either Monday or Tuesday morning. Yesterday's brilliant summer walk through the Carkeek Park trails are barely phased by today's insistence on the Scottish weather replication. It does bring soft joy.

  3. It IS a lot like Scotland, isn't it? I've had at least one of those days each time that I was there. But I'd go back in a heartbeat. Maybe next year.

    Monday is supposed to be stunning, so I hope that you'll stay to enjoy it and leave Tuesday, when it's supposed to be lovely all through Washington and Oregon.

    I hope that you found Blessed Sacrament as peaceful and blessed as I always do. In the daytime, there are very few people there, and it's nice to be able to make the rounds of the various saints. I always leave better than when I came.

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  4. Oh and one more thing: if you ever find the main doors at Blessed Sacrament closed, the door on the south side is usually open 'til 7.

  5. Ah, I love the hints you leave.... go BACK... to Scotland? I honor your mysteriousness amongst other things.

    Your comments landed in my iPhone as I sat in Blessed Sacrament during its 5pm Mass! I hadn't realized that my visit was I'll say God-time to be there during worship! I would also like to sit in it quietly, but what a joy - thank you again for that. It's a very special place.

    I may or may not attend St. Paul's on Roy St. this morning; last Sunday's St. Mark's visit (driving up from Lacey!) was 'ok' - it reminded me that my time there in April was an appointment for two stunning reasons I could not have foreseen. I'm letting this morning sink in.... slowly.

    blessed be you!

  6. I've also heard that St. Luke's Episcopal on 57th and 22nd NW has a lovely Sunday service. I've never checked it out, but I've heard good things.

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed Blessed Sacrament! It is a special place.

    Wherever you choose to worship today, be it church or airb&b, I hope that it's a lovely day that strengthens your spirit and brings joy to your heart.

    And yes, Scotland is (in my opinion) the most beautiful place in the world. Someday I'm going to really see the west.

    Hugs and blessings!

  7. Do you know which day you're going back yet?

  8. Yes - late tomorrow (Monday) morning, probably by 11am.

    I visited a nearly empty Blessed Sacrament this afternoon with a good friend. We took photos. It is indeed so beautiful.

    I've been a bit scrambly the past few days... I think that once I settle into Mount Angel Retreat House (where I'm headed) I'll upload some more photos and words. Long, sweet, lovely day. St. Paul's had God and song and INCENSE! I know some people exhale martyred sighs with liturgical incense but I adore it.

  9. Mmmmm, incense...particularly liturgical incense. I used to work at a Catholic supply in Seattle, and I loved the sub-basement, where they made up the different incense blends. I'll bet it still smells like incense, though it's been other businesses for a very long time. I remember a time when they had incense at St. Mark's, but it was aeons ago, when Cabbie was still Dean. It's what I love about Russian Orthodox churches. How special that St. Paul's had incense today!

    I was sure that you'd like Blessed Sacrament. It breathes peace.

    I'm happy to read that you're so much better this time than the last visit, healing more every day. I wish you a safe and pleasant trip south to the retreat house, and I look forward to pictures from your journey.

    Hugs and blessings to you!