Sunday, May 1, 2011


Recently I participated in a Baptism service at my parish, honored to have been asked to sponsor a wonderful woman named Maria. Looking at this photo, taken by another friend who lives far, far away in Germany even though he's a Yankee boy, I return to the latter part of the Baptismal service where the priest dips his finger in annointing oil ("chrism") and makes the sign of the Cross on the forehead of the newly baptized and proclaims, " are sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism and marked as Christ's own for ever. Amen"

Marked as Christ's own FOR-EVER.

It is and isn't quite that simple - or easy. However, from the heart of the One who offers this new life, it is that pure.

On to the earthly trek, I am feeling better day by day. Really! Without the frenetic fix-it mentality that dogged last fall's gym runs, I've been using my Rebounder at home almost every day... gently. I took a rollicking fun hike yesterday with my friend Stacey up at Olompali State Park here in northern Marin County (followed by a grass-fed burger run, oh yeah!). I'm being Very Good about nourishing myself, stepping away from the "surely it's ALL good for me??" bakery section at Whole Foods and instead reupping my green smoothie regime plus salads salads and more salads. And healthy protein. And allowable yummy carbs like the mixed sweet potato and plain fries at the burger shack (fried in rice bran oil, which is even friendlier than using virgin coconut oil at high temperatures). My Lenten discipline of no sugar, chocolate or wheat got a wry chuckle when on my last visit to the Clinic I was muscle-tested for about 100 or so foodie bits. Not only was wheat a fail but also corn, soy and rice. Rice! Of course chocolate was a bwa-ha-ha NOT for you, little missy.

I'd been getting sloppy with my nourishment. It's just amazing what I can justify. Since healthy food is a powerful part of my healing modality, it is wise for me to be attentive. Not fanatical or diabolically perfectionistic, but serious. I was snackin' away on luscious organic cookies 'n such when I could've been sipping a smoothie or thanking God for a fresh, crisp apple. And so it is now... plus with a few more fiddly-bit supplements:

1. I'm taking 1-2 Tbsp./day of Metagenics "BioPure Protein," which has some mystery magic in it to help my immune system. It needs to be whizzed in a little blender, but with some fruit juice it's almost palatable!

2. I'm back on the liver pills. Gonna give those red blood cells all the help I can!

3. Russell's wife Cherie sold me this yummy powder that gets added to my health shakes - "Vega Shake & Go Smoothie."

4. The Clinic formulates a thymus-based product called "VR-7".... "for stimulation and support of your immune system." Works for me!

5. Now this sounds a little weird, but I'm taking it: Don't freak! It's a custom-made homeopathic remedy of my own blood. Russell took only a drop from my finger and made it up. I take it once a day. Read about it HERE.

Prayer. Prayer and worship are key for me. The pills 'n potions 'n health foods are all great gifts that I feel a need to incorporate in my living. When the Lord Jesus healed someone lame, for instance, He then would say, "Get up and WALK!" My "walking" includes this path of immune-supporting supplements.

I did get CBCs this week. I prayed that I would be calm and patient and not just knee-jerk myself in either direction.

My counts ARE better! The whites rose to 2.1 from 1.6; and those pesky platelets? The ones that freaked me out in the first place? They are PRAISE-WORTHY, having risen from 66 (yeah, they dropped up North, I couldn't bear to say that) to 103. The reds are slow but I've already learned that - they'll take 4 months to have a new life cycle! The neutrophils are still sluggards but I will pray them higher.

I am so grateful to be feeling better today. The past few months have been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in places, even with Christ Jesus by my side. And I thank Him for BEING by my side.

For you who read this and pray for me - BLESS you and BLESS YOU again!


  1. I'm SO glad that everything is so much better! Sounds like your pouting blood cells just wanted a chance to bask in all of that clinic goodness before they responded. Perhaps maintenance visits to the clinic a couple of times a year would be a good way to keep all of your levels on an even keel. Add small hikes and moderate exercise and it sounds like you're well on your way to positively glowing with health again!

    I see the Hand of the Divine in all of this, the gentle nudge to the clinic, the reward of health, not instant, but in good time, having a wonderful experience at St. Mark's, all of it is touched with blessing.

    And as always, and delighted that you are better, I send hugs and blessings to you.

  2. I am glad to hear about the VR-7 Thymus. I use raw thyme (to eat) when I feel I am getting sick. sounds like someone had the same idea plus a full-blown lab. So glad to hear you are feeling UP. Namaste,
    Susan K Campbell

  3. Thank you, "Anonymous 1" : - ) ... and Susan, I've emailed you privately on thymus versus thyme! Sounds like a folk song... (not).

  4. I hope that Mother's Day brings you memories of your mother that make you smile. Hugs and blessings.

  5. And for you, as well! There is more smiling as I mature. Funny that....