Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent begins

"You're my..... Night Light."

I love this group. I listened to them in the 70's when I loved the Lord, before I wandered away for over 20 years. I refound them recently. It's a static photo but a stellar recording.

"You're my...... Night..... LIGHT."

It's late right now. Ash Wednesday begins in 5 minutes - it will already have begun by the time I hit the "Publish Post" button. I'm typing quickly because I'm tired and I yearn for sleep soon.

I'm seeing doctors quite a bit lately! Yeah right, I couldn't fool you. I'd rather be at the gym frowning at my butt or hanging with my Sunday Night Liturgy and Bible Study Group. However things must be sorted and I doth proceed to sort.

This Friday I'm getting an ultrasound (woo!) to get a closer look at a "questionable 2.5cm mass in the right adnexa." Yeah, that's what I said, too! What the hell is that? It's down around my girly bits. Vaguely. A recent set of low-radiation full-body CT scans showed some utterly awesome results - heart, check! Bone mineral density, check! (Now that's an irony altogether, wouldn't you say?). Lymph glands, check (THANK YOU GOD). But there's this schmutz down below.

Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

We'll find out. I'm rooting for words like "benign cyst."

And if it's not, then it will be dealt with.

Preceding the scans were some mild dips in platelets again. It's been an eventful couple o' months for things bumping into me on the health front. I fell on my butt 2+ weeks ago! At least my tailbone and back are healing.

So Friday - ultrasound. What are you, little bump? (No pregnancy jokes, please - that's impossible for at LEAST 2 good reasons!).

I have the most AWESOME people praying for and with me. You might be one of them reading this now. I feel so held, so not alone.


  1. You are not alone. There is a host of us out here, praying with and for you, breathing thoughts of health and love and caring. We'll be with you on Friday, as near as thought (and you WILL let us know, yes?).

    Perhaps these health things are your trials of Lent. It is 40 days of forgiveness, but also of forgiving yourself. And isn't that always the hardest thing? It seems to be comparatively easy to forgive others (ok, sometimes easier than others), but it's always hard to forgive and therefore love oneself. We're taught that it's wrong to love ourselves, selfish somehow, and so we think of ourselves as so flawed that we not only don't deserve forgiveness, but that we are always striving for some kind of out of reach perfection. And the silly thing is that the perfection was there from the beginning, as was the forgiveness. We all need to accept ourselves and love ourselves. And then we will have truly accomplished Lent. It can be a physical fast (not terribly productive for you right now) or a spiritual fast, to become lighter and more joyful with each day that passes.

    Always know that you have more people in your court than you know, petitioning the Divine on your behalf and wishing you abundant health and joy. Hugs and blessings always.

  2. Count me as one of those praying with and for you... may the results of this ultrasound come as a great relief.

    ... good old 2nd Chapter of Acts...they are timeless...this is a good song to begin Lent...He is our song (and light) in the night... before you know it, it will be time to dust off and listen to their "Easter Song." Joy!