Tuesday, March 2, 2010

23 years ago today....

.... I awoke from yet another night of obliterating my consciousness with booze. I think it was cheap wine, if my confession be unadulteratedly self-humiliating. And I scrawled in my morning journal that I wanted it to be the first day of a very long sobriety, each day one more step away from drowning my life in alcoholism. By an amazing Grace of a most Gracious God, it has been so. Foolishness and deception have been my companions more often than I want anyone to know, but by God's holy Grace, I've remained sober and been a part of an anonymous group that has been a core of my spiritual walk. Aside from Steps for living, the joys of this fellowship fill my heart with joy. And when they don't, I am reminded of the worn aphorism that if you like everyone {in this Fellowship}, then you're not going to enough meetings.

The photo is from a Roman Catholic study in Forres, Scotland, where a mid-day meeting gathered for years. It was the summer of 2006. Having an icon of the Blessed Mother and her Precious Son above the meeting slogans is vital for me. My salvation and hope breathe in both the world of recovery and my worship of God in Christ.

February was rough. A mere 28 days long, I spent 3 weeks of it unwell with what I can only guess was some manner of influenza. I took no antibiotics but poured holistic remedies down my gullet and twice into my veins! (Legally). The 2nd run with the IV "Immune Drip" barely produced a cough. Go Diane's immune system! Now that the cobwebs are clearing from my consciousness, I can think of rebuilding my physical strength again with long nature walks, jogging and learning some bouncy-wouncy routines on my new Urban Rebounder.

It's Lent. I'm healing. I'm sober. And I'm very very grateful.

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  1. I"m so glad you are healing and you are sober, and you live in an awareness and appreciation of God's presence. Even with all that, rough days and rough months are difficult to navigate. So, I pray for a smoother March and continued healing and plenty of long and joyful nature walks.