Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a sense of home

I am enjoying moving through a few handfuls of never say never's while on a 5-day Hallelujah Acres raw vegan and juicing cleanse/detox astride Table Lake near (but not in) Branson, Missouri. In my commitment to resurrect wholeness in my entire being, this is a crucial part of my cobweb- (and cancer-) clearing mission. Five days. You'll have roaring caffeine withdrawal headaches. Just deal with it.

I didn't expect to feel this good!

The photo is from the Rivendell Motherhouse, originally Amish built, where I savored a richly restful and joyous five days not on a vegan eating plan.... but oh how my heart sang!

As I continue on my Westward Ho! journey in places with richness commingled with poor wifi reception, I will remain few of words for now. Suffice it to say I am here in this southwest corner of the Show-Me State and will resume my road rumbles this Friday (Oct. 30th) afternoon. After three days and 1,300 miles, I'm then hoping for a week in Sedona, Arizona, where I once lived long ago. Briefly. And then....

Advent is approaching. Nerves rustle. I left, not knowing, and now I'm returning, hoping and wondering.

This morning I breathe and drink my tea.

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